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My approach

In my work, I combine psychological expertise with systemic coaching to provide holistic and individual support. Every individual is unique and requires tailored solutions for their challenges. My approach is characterized by empathy, understanding, and a respectful attitude.

My goal is to help you not only overcome your current challenges but also create long-term changes for your well-being and life satisfaction.

Strengthening intercultural competencies is especially important to me, as respectful coexistence and a better understanding of cultural diversity form the basis for successful interpersonal relationships and professional success. Therefore, I am passionate about building bridges between cultures and breaking intercultural barriers.

Mein Ansatz

Contact Me

If you need more information or would like to make an appointment, please fill out the form or contact me by phone or email.

My contact details

Steinwenderstraße 7

9500 Villach


+43 (0) 676 936 0676

Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht!

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